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LEMARIT is an active part of the domain industry since its foundation in 2002. We gained experience as an accredited ICANN registrar and as a registry for dotBRAND top-level domains. Our ICANN involvement includes active memberships of the Registrar Stakeholder Group and Registry Stakeholder Group.

To provide registry services LEMARIT has developed its own multi-tenant Registry System which is actively serving multiple top-level domains.

LEMARIT registry services provide five main functions: The Shared Registry System (SRS), DNS, DNSSEC, Registration Data Directory Services (RDDS) and export to a Data Escrow provider. We strive to provide you with maximum flexibility and convenience.

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Advantages and technical key functions

Hosted in Germany

100% ICANN compliant

LEMARIT has passed the ICANN technical evaluation and the set-up of the system fully complies with the ICANN Base Registry Agreement.

Hosted in Germany

Robust and flexible

The system provides an EPP Interface, IDN-, DNS- and DNSSEC-Support, an Escrow import- and export-functionality and ICANN Reporting capabilities. It runs in conjunction with LEMARIT’s independently deployable Registration Data Directory Service (RDDS) application, which provides WHOIS, Web-WHOIS and RDAP services.

Hosted in Germany

Secure Web User Interface

Convenient security focussed web interface for Registrars and Registry service personnel.

Hosted in Germany

High-Performance Anycast DNS infrastructure

A global Anycast server cluster with more than 20 locations stand for shorter responses and optimal protection.

Hosted in Germany

Built-in security measures

Multiple layers of security and access control, 24/7 monitoring, and redundancy of every component.

Hosted in Germany

GDPR compliant

No storage of data in countries with poor data protection security by European standards. As a Germany based company, we comply with high data privacy standards.

Hosted in Germany

ISO certified data center and DNS service

The operators of the data center and DNS service meet the high international standards on how to manage information security – ISO 27001.

Hosted in Germany

DNS Abuse Monitoring application

As independent application from the core registry services, we developed a monitoring system according to Specification 11, 3b from the Registry Agreement. The system conducts a technical analysis to assess whether domains in the TLD are being used to perpetrate security threats, such as pharming, phishing, malware, and botnets.

Thinking about applying for your own top-level domain?

If it’s a dotBRAND top-level domain for your organization/brand, a geographic TLD, or another string: We provide services beyond the pure backend operation. LEMARIT is your full-service provider for applying for your own top-level domain.



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Registry Services

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